by Lenneke Willems

About the MINI VIOLIN method

Questionnaire from F. Ström about Mini Violin

  • MINI VIOLIN is a violin teaching method for children aged 5 & 6.
  • The lessons are playful and present a host of new, memorable songs.
  • Included with the first volume is a “magic wand”, to be used in the lessons to practise holding the bow.
  • The MINI VIOLIN method consists of two volumes, each containing 33 lessons.
  • Unique to this method is the way in which young children are introduced to music notation in a very early stage. This is done in a very playful manner, for instance by using colouring pictures. After just one season,  pupils will be able to play from memory as well as from sheet music.
  • Especially for the teachers, a guidebook has been written that handles each lesson separately.
  • For the parents, each lesson includes a parents’ page to guide them through this week’s exercises.
  • The method is suited for both individual and group education.
  • The English version of volume one can be ordered from this website.